Sunday, 21 September 2008

Some Strange Holiday Snaps

Right then just another couple of minutes & we'll see if my new denture glue is any stronger than the old stuff!

Ah! bless here's Ellie in her new Chariot!

Two minutes later this mob were Can' Can' ing to Bad Manners I have a vid' and when I can work out how to upload it I'll stick it on!!

Cor Blimey Guv'nor is that you?

Specky Twat!

As you can see Alan & Tracey are still boggle eyed about each other!!!


Bill's widemouthed frog impression! ( you don't see many of those do you!!)

Can you believe it the famous Billy Insull 60 yrs young?

just liked this shot

4 to 5 yr old red Stag

This weirdo in the pub kept staring at us!

Alan & Mist

Alan's beautiful new Puppy, Mist