Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mac's Wider Menagerie

This is Sophie & Baa Baa the sheep, They belong to Laura, & Mac looks after them twice a day, Mac found Baa baa wandering in the road, and Laura said they could keep her so she now lives there in the stable with Sophie & Toffee who is a shetland pony.

As you can see Baa Baa is a bit long in the tooth (Mutton ha ha), but she still has a bit of life in her yet. Think she might be a bit tough even with Mint Sauce (only kidding Mac).

Toffee, who's a cheeky little chappie

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Tig at Thames

Tig's impression of Superman,

He had a great weekend finishing 6th in both of his 3-5 Agility rounds, one was a qualifier, which was won by Jason Gardner, I was proud of that cos J & Stihl are quick & to only be 5 places behind them means we're making progress.

Thanks to Lynn Sheridan for the pictures

Tig At Hinckley

Tig got a 6th in 1-3 agility & 12th in 3-5 Agility qualifier. I just wish I could nail the contacts in my head, then we could really get on!

Thanks to Dennis Bay for the Pic

Cobra Stripes

Just had these "Cobra" Stripes done by a mate.